Thanks to all Devotees for your great support extended to us for the grand success of the 12th year of our kuladevatha function.
Om Sri Mallaareem Jagataannaatham Tripuraarim Jagadgurum |
Manighnam Mhalasaakaantam vande sakula daivatam ||
Shubhram kapaalam dhamarum trishoolam bhaje chaturbhishchaturam vahantam |
Ashesha sampat phaladaana daksham Mallaarinaatham manasaa smaraami ||
Trisula Mylarlinga Trisula

The God Mylaralingeshwara is none other than the Lord Parameshwara, the Supreme Power responsible for Generating, Organising and Destroying (G.O.D)the entire Universe. The Omnipresent, Omnipotent and the Omniscient power from which the Universe has emerged, being the Wisdom itself, has to be worshipped by every individual for a peaceful and happy living.

Lord Shiva is worshipped in various forms. One such form is Sri Mylaralingeshwara. He is worshipped along with other deities, viz Sri Mhalasaambaa - the concert of the Lord Shiva, Sri Doddaiah - the eldest son Lord Ganapathi, Sri Chikkaiah - the younger son Lord Shanmukha, Sri Heggaiah - Lord Vishnu, Sri Gangamaalavva - the Adi shakti, Ghrutamaari-the one created out of Shiva's anger against demons & worshipped with Ghee. The Goddess Lakshmidevi is in the form of Mahankaali. Leading Seven Crores of his soldiers, He is also prayed as Elukoti. ‘Chang Mallho’ signifies His Chadurangabalam.An ancient Shivadhanussu (bow) of 19 ft length, is also worshipped in Devaragudda- the Lord’s Hillock abode, near Ranebennur of Haveri dt, Karnataka.

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