The God Mylaralingeshwara is none other than the Lord Parameshwara, the Supreme Power responsible for Generating, Organising and Destroying (G.O.D)the entire Universe. The Omnipresent, Omnipotent and the Omniscient power from which the Universe has emerged, being the Wisdom itself, has to be worshipped by every individual for a peaceful and happy living.

Lord Shiva is worshipped in various forms. One of such form is Sri Mylaralingeshwara. He is worshipped along with other deities, viz Sri Mhalasaambaa - the concert of the Lord Shiva, Sri Doddaiah - the eldest son Lord Ganapathi, Sri Chikkaiah - the younger son Lord Shanmukha, Sri Heggaiah - Lord Vishnu, Sri Gangamaalavva - the Adi shakti, Ghrutamaari-the one created out of Shiva's anger against demons & worshipped with Ghee. The Goddess Lakshmidevi is in the form of Mahankaali. Leading Seven Crores of his soldiers, He is also prayed as Elukoti. 'Chang Mallho' signifies His Chadurangabalam.An ancient Shivadhanussu,bow of 19 ft length, is also worshipped in Devaragudda- the Lord's Hillock abode, near Ranibennur of Haveri dt, Karnataka.

The Lord is prayed with different names at different locations. Malateesha, Mylaralinga, Guddadaiah, Mallaari, Marthaanda Bhairava, Elukoti Mallaiah, Khandoba, Khandeshwara, Navakhandenath, Ravaladeva, Ravalanath, etc., are His names, besides Sahasra Naamaas. His temples are in Prempur near Bidar, Devaragudda near Ranebennur, Mylaara near Harapanahalli, Mangasooli, Devara Hipparagi, keloor, Yaadgir, Kaarimane, Bidarkundi, Jejuri Jyotibaa near Pune in Maharashtra, Aadavaani in Andhra Pradesh. There are, it is said, 245 Temples in Maharashtra and 60 Temples in Karnataka.

Devotees, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, province or language throng for His worship. In addition to Temples, separate Trusts have been formed at various places to worship the Lord once in a year, besides working for the welfare of the society as a whole. This three day Pooja program is normally known as 'Chikkaiah Doddaiah'. It is said that the Divine Parents of this universe get pleased by this worship of their famous children- Ganesha & Subrahmanya.

The Bhandaram used for archanam is prepared of turmeric powder mixed with fourteen herbs.The main offering (Naivedya) to Lord is Curd Rice and Kadubu( sweet fried dish) . This 'Abhishekapriya' Lord is given the sacred bath with Panchamrutham & holy waters.